Insects: The future of pet feed

You might be wondering ‘what is the big deal with insects?’, ‘why are so many people talking about them?’, and ‘why buy them for my pets?’. We at BeoBia are here to tell you exactly why you can’t go wrong with these delicious critters! These tiny mealworms are not only sustainable, but they are also nutritional, and your pets will thank you for it.

Now you may ask, how are they sustainable? Well, these small insects are sustainable because they help protect our environment rather than destroying it. So, they can be farmed anywhere and everywhere. This makes them not only a reliable choice but also a great option for pets.

As if sustainability isn’t enough, Insects are packed with nutritional content, giving them the upper hand against all other options. Nutriotian equals high sources of both protein and vitamins. Which your pets need for energy, growth and much more. Even better, insects are packed with more nutritional content than other foods used to feed pets, this means you won’t have to look elsewhere.

Sustainability Credentials

You may be wondering, what exactly do insects have to do with sustainability.Well, meat products have what we call big carbon footprint. But if we are to be sustainable and save our environment, why not turn towards a low carbon diet.

For starters, Insects have low carbon footprints which is a perfect example of sustainability. Now we are not asking to completely cut out meat from your pets diet. However, an insect based diet is brilliant! Because it provides you with the nutrients meats have, whilst also saving our beloved planet.

It is undeniable that our world needs sustainable products to thrive, so, why not insects? The issue surrounding food sustainability makes mealworms a great choice for pets. If we want to avoid a food sustainability crisis, changes must be made. If change is not made, unfortunate issues like half of the world being under water will occur.

It has been analysed that investing in insects to feed your pets helps the world in terms of the sustainability crisis we as a society face. The answer to saving our planet is very simple, and that is with the use of mealworms. Some may ask again ‘What is the big deal with these mealworms?’. Well these tiny critters are going to help make sure we sustain and not destroy.

With this being said, Insects are sustainable because they do not run the risk of destroying land, unlike current meat products. So, investing in them not only feeds your pets but also helps protect our earth.

Insects are also very limitless in terms of farming destinations because they can be farmed anywhere, which means you can never run out! There is bound to be an increase of pets within our population. So due to this, food increase will naturally occur.

For pets sake! What is the harm in making sure that insects are used to further fuel the sustainability of the growing population for pets as we are bound to meet high demand.

The production of insects is also highly commendable and sustainable because they do not pose as much of a risk to the environment. On the other hand, the current food production poses many risks.

Overall, you simply can’t go wrong when investing in insects as food for your pets. Not only are you giving your pets delicious food, but you are also helping to guarantee that this food will be around for many years to come. We need to protect our world and our environment, and mealworms are the way to go if we are to live sustainably.

High Source of Protein and Vitamins

We have spoken about sustainability and how great it is. But there is much more to these small but mighty insects.

For starters the hype around the ‘p-word’ (protein) is well deserved. Lucky for your pets, mealworms and insects are great products for them because they contain a high source of protein. They are also full of a wide variety of vitamins.

Unlike lab grown protein, plant and fungal, insects are actually very ideal. Not only are these ideal, but you can produce them in the comforts of your own home ! I mean, what's there not to love, no more waiting in the queue to check out these delicious critters.

The high protein source and high vitamin source will contribute to the development of pets. With it’s large protein content, it should come as no surprise that up to 10% of protein can be found within insects.

So, this high protein volume found in these delicious insects make them an exceptional food for all sorts of animals such as birds, and reptiles. It can also be said that the protein content within mealworms can be comparable to both fishes and meats. This is great because turning to insects would mean less focus on the hunting of other animals.

In addition, the amount of protein in these mealworms are evidenced as higher than protein which is found within products such as eggs and even meat. Meat is known to have a high volume of protein so the fact that mealworms have more, gives way towards a brighter future for your pets.

So, investing in insects as a nutritious diet for your pet is a wise choice because insects need less feed in comparison to large mammals such as cattle in order to make an equal amount of protein.

To show how great meal worms are for your pets, the insect farmer, Eric Zay, commends mealworms for having even more calcium than milk. Now you must admit, that is nothing short of excpetional !

And I must advise, next time you catch yourself reaching towards anything but mealworms, just remember that nothing beats strong nutrition !

So you can rely on your pets being stronger and healthier with the use of insects.

Not only are mealworms a great source of protein, they are also an important source in terms of getting all the vitamins your insects require. You can count on your pets having a new found energy when eating insects!

These critters contain beneficial nutrients such as minerals, amino acids, energy and fats which aid in the progressive function of pets. Insects are also a reliable source of B vitamins and micronutrients which shows their importance when looking at nutrition.

Overall, mealworms are highly nutritional due to their high volume of substantial protein and also vitamins.


From all that has been discussed, It is very clear that you can’t go wrong with an insect based diet for your pets! This choice is simply great, especially for reptiles and birds.

With a sustainable diet, you are bound to protect our environment. You can wave goodbye, Adios, and Au revoir ! to the current food industry which is bad for our ecosystem.

Once again, besides the obvious sustainable aspects, an insect based diet is booming with lots of protein and vitamins. Your pets will thrive from the nutrients they will get from this diet. I mean who doesn't love protein and vitamins !

you will be rewarded with strong, healthy, and functional pets. And not to be forgotten, insects actually need less feed than large mammals, so this is a very big win for our environment. This is a win-win situation for not just your pets but also for the planet.

So why not feed your pets insects?

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