Edible Insect Diet Diaries: Interview with Thomas Constant, BeoBia Founder

Updated: May 12, 2020

After working for the UN, Laurence studied a Masters in Climate Change at the University College London, and his passion for sustainability sparked an interest in edible insects and BeoBia.

Laurence visited the team and sat down with our CEO and Founder, Thomas Constant, to talk about edible insects and to find out how to incorporate them into his diet.

In this interview, Thomas discusses the shifting consumer attitudes towards food and edible insects, and he explains the benefits of eating insects over livestock. He also assesses the current ecological trends and consumer demand to be more self-sufficient and predicts the future of edible insects.

To find out more, take a look at the interview below:

Disclaimer: during the interview, Laurence agreed to carry out a seven-day insect diet. So keep an eye out for future blog posts, as we will be checking in to see how he’s getting on with his new diet.

Don’t have time to watch the whole interview? Here are the key takeaways:

  • There is a huge shift in consumer attitudes towards food. The rise of meat-free products, plant-based milk and veganism, coupled with consumer desires to reduce their ecological footprint has had a tremendous impact.

  • Mealworms (a small insect that tastes similar to almonds) are, gram for gram, over 22,000 times more water efficient than beef, 1140x more ammonia efficient than pigs and, best of all, can be farmed in small urban locations.

  • Eating insects is already common around the world. Currently, over two billion people worldwide eat insects–it's only in the West where its seen as a taboo of sorts. However, attitudes in the Western world are changing quickly. Over 43% of young males here in the UK are interested in trying products made from insects.

  • Agriculture and food trends are always changing. Lobsters, oysters, sushi and even avocados used to be deemed as unfashionable and ugly food.

  • Edible insects will continue to grow in popularity as consumers demand ecological and self-sufficient foods and products.

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