• Lucy O'Connor

BeoBia: Live on Kickstarter!

Updated: Jul 6, 2020

Over the past year, we have been busy researching, prototyping and user testing, to get ready to launch our product on Kickstarter!

We’re going to walk you through our journey so far and introduce you to our new and improved product!

Re_ is now live on Kickstarter! If you want to grow your own source of delicious and high protein food at home, you can! Pre-order below and get 40% off!

Our Founder, Thomas Constant, was studying design at university when he first came to realise the terrible impact that intensive meat production has on the planet and society.

“When I discovered that meat production is responsible for almost a quarter of the world's greenhouse gas emissions, and that predicted population growth is going to force food production to increase by an additional 70% by 2050, I knew I had to do something about it.”

Thomas started researching alternative solutions to intensive farming. And whilst carrying out this research, he noticed that consumer demand for sustainable and healthy food was on the rise. But despite this increasing demand, with consumers eager to reduce their food miles and buy locally, he couldn't find any effective and affordable solutions for people living in urban areas.

Around the same time, Thomas discovered the amazing benefits of insect production and how, gram for gram, they are over 22,000 times more water-efficient than beef, 1,140 times more ammonia efficient than pigs and, best of all, they can be farmed anywhere.

The idea for BeoBia was born…

BeoBia means ‘food for life’ in Irish Gaelic. We chose this name because the meaning of the word embodies our mission to produce and consume sustainable food, without compromising our planet’s health.

We believe edible insects are 'food for life' because they are not only healthy and delicious, but they also use far less of our precious planet’s resources. They require a fraction of the land, water and feed compared to traditional livestock, and they can be farmed anywhere.

Introducing Re_

Re_ is a sustainable insect growing pod, that enables users to create their own source of high-quality protein at home, by reusing fruit and vegetable waste. The pod has the capacity to produce between 100-300 grams of mealworms per harvest, with each mealworm containing over 54% protein!

If you’ve been following BeoBia from the beginning, you might have noticed that Re_ looks a little different to our previous prototypes.

We have redesigned and optimised our pod to make it more sustainable, affordable and importantly modular. This new and improved cable-free modular design allows it to be placed anywhere in your home.

It is really easy to use, you simply feed each tray, wait for the insects to develop, harvest them, and then turn them into healthy and delicious food.

We are an environmentally conscious company, and we take a holistic approach to how we design, manufacture, ship and dispose of our products, 'from cradle to grave'.

Re_ is made of fully recycled bioplastics, derived from renewable plant starch, that can be industrially composted.

And, we use sophisticated 3D printing techniques that allow us to design, manufacture and ship all of our products from the same facility, helping to reduce our carbon footprint.

To find out more about our product, head to our website—it has had a touch up too!

We want to lead the sustainable food revolution. But we can’t do it without you! We are releasing our product on Kickstarter in July, and we need your support.

If you like our idea, you can pledge money on Kickstarter (the crowdfunding platform) to help make it happen, in return for rewards or the finished product.

We will be offering a variety of rewards, from the BeoBia insect powder, for those who aren't quite ready to start growing mealworms themselves, to the Re_ plus, which is the product consisting of 10 development trays.

Click the link below to get your very own Re_ at a special rate!

If you want to know more about edible-insects get in contact with us! 😊